Meet Alycia Kluegl

Aspire Higher! I know you can.

Hello, My name is Alycia Kluegl.  Exercise Physiologist, Life Coach, TV Host and owner of Empower Your Body.  Since 2001, EYB has grown from a passionate idea into a nationally recognized Health & Wellness consulting company.  In 2003 EYB TV was born and can be viewed in over 10 million homes in the NY/NJ area and rapidly expanding.  I have been guiding individuals with my methods and techniques for over 20 years that help facilitate growth and success in all areas of their lives.

My Mission

Empower Your Body is a health & wellness coaching company.  My mission is to contribute to the overall wellness of humanity by offering programs, products, services and tools which inspire, educate, motivate, embrace accountability and best facilitate empowerment of ones life, health and wellness related goals.